by Michael Depraida

How do I choose the right art?

In art, the number one rule is there are no rules! Art is all about pleasure, if you like the way it looks it generally will work for you. Look for art that makes YOU feel good.

How do I choose the right art for a room?
Things to think about when choosing art:

  • Furniture wood tones in room
  • Fabric coloring or designs in room
  • Themes in room (ex: classical, contemporary, rustic, old world, casual, etc.)
  • Art that is visually pleasing to you
  • Nothing, itís all about the art

Do I have to match the art exactly to things in the room?
No, art is designed to be a statement in a room. It does not require exact matches to fit in a room and add to its appearance. Art has great ability to fit in many environments. If the piece looks good alone, it generally looks great in a room.

What size of art should I use?
Size only is an issue when you have restrictions (ex: art cove in wall, small wall space, etc.) Don't be afraid to go larger in your art choices. The larger the art the more attention you draw to the art. That is why I paint larger art. I like my art to stand out and have a unique look. To determine the size of art you want: 
  • Measure the space
  • If you are limited in space hold up a tape measure and measure out the largest dimensions you want to see there. Shop for pieces that size or smaller.
  • If you have a lot of wall room, don't get caught up on size too much
  • Think groupings!
    nothing is more interesting than a number of smaller images.
  • If a piece is going above furniture (ex: sofa, hutch, etc.) don't go wider than the



How do I hang the art?
Art should generally be hung where the center of the art is eye level. The best way to hang art is to have one person hold the piece where you want it and another person tells if it needs to be moved in any direction.

Don't forget lighting!
A small spotlight makes a dramatic statement and focuses the viewers attention. Don't overlook its potential !



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