by Michael Depraida


Back in the day, it was all about commissions. In a time when there was no off the rack clothing you chose an artist like you chose your tailor, for their style. 

For the discerning buyer, commissioned artwork offers the opportunity to own a very personal and unique piece of artwork that reflects your individual vision, a vision which cannot be matched by an off the shelf piece of artwork.

Commissioning a piece of artwork is fun, simple, and costs no more than off the shelf artwork.

I work with you and/or your interior designer through photos and color swatches. Through the use of the internet, photos and ideas are easily exchanged. 

Once your color, size and design ideas are expressed, I start work on your unique custom art work. 

Time to completion is from 30 to 90 days. 

Hundreds of testimonials and references on file.
100% no risk money back guaranteed







Q.  How do I get started?
A. It's simply a matter of a phone call, E-mail, or in home visit.

Q. Do you need to come to my home?
A. Through the use of the Internet, you can send color swatches, photos of the room and  furnishings. Not into the Internet, just use the US mail service.

Q. How do I know I will like the finished artwork?
A. Once your artwork is completed you will receive photographs of your completed artwork through the Internet or US Mail, your artwork will only be shipped upon your  approval.

Q. Will it cost me anything to start the ball rolling?
A. A small deposit is all that is required.      

Q. What if I do not like the finished artwork?
A. There is no risk, if you do not like the finished work you pay nothing, and 100% of your deposit is returned. 

It's that simple!

Plus, commissioning your own personal artwork is a great way to get involved in the art process, without the painterly mess and cleanup!







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