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Monitor Calibration

monitor calibration
In order to enjoy the images in the manner in which the artist intended,
please adjust your monitors brightness and contrast using the calibration bar example above.

This site was designed to be viewed at 1024x768, 16 bit High color, Font size 120 dpi.. It can also be viewed at 800x600, High color 16 bit , font size 96 dpi.


aol settings
The images displayed on this site are of the highest quality available.
If they do not appear as high quality B&W images follow these
simple step by step instructions supplied by America online:

1. From AOL's main screen, click on "My AOL"
2. Choose "Preferences" from the drop down menu
3. Click "WWW"
4. Click the tab entitled "Web Graphics"
5. Remove the check next to "Use compressed graphics"
6. Click "OK"
Now sit back and enjoy.....
Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE), or Netscape Navigator 3.0 or higher.